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The 3 Links

Our 3 Links of Supply Chain Security provide you with constant communication, accurate and effective delivery of each and every load, and reliable service, ensuring that your load will be delivered flawlessly, so you can focus on tomorrow’s project.

Team Lead

Within every team inside Quality Freight Logistics is a team lead who is in direct communication with you and their fellow colleagues at QFL. Each team lead is responsible for coordinating operations of their respective team and outlining specific customer requests, ensuring that your load is prioritized and followed through effectively. 

Team Assistant

Also on each team at QFL are team assistants. Each team assistant is responsible for also communicating directly with you as a customer, further providing solutions and reliable resources for each and every load. Team assistants work diligently to ensure that every load is accounted for and properly tracked by their team of three or more, allowing you to rest easy knowing your freight is in good hands.

Logistics Coordinator

With loads ranging everywhere from San Diego, CA and Detroit, MI to Old Castle, ON and Inner Mexico, our team of three or more ensures to be in constant communication regarding the positioning of your load. With an already strong grasp on your loads previous, current, and future positioning, every load is tracked by our dedicated afterhours team and Logistics Coordinators. With this, paired with our integrated tracking technology, we are able to provide exact location updates on your shipment 24/7. 

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