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Our Services

Our Services

From road and air to rail and ocean, we have you covered. 

Truckload and LTL

With our proven system of executing capacity from thoroughly-vetted carriers offering full truckload and LTL capacity, our dispatch and tracking protocol will provide control and visibility from pickup to delivery.

Air and Ground Expedite

We can access equipment virtually anywhere at any time. With our guaranteed air and ground expedite services, we can get your freight to the delivery quickly, accurately, and worry free.


QFL has capacity for flatbed, hazmat, conestoga and other specialized hauling equipment across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. We can provide permits for weight or size overages, and get your specialized freight on the road.

Control Tower Logistics

Let our expert operations team help streamline your network by bringing all of your transportation routing under one roof.


With documented 99% on-time deliveries, clean and updated food grade equipment, your temperature controlled shipments are in good hands.

Auto Transport

With qualified haulers all over the country, we will get your vehicles picked up and delivered on-time, scratch-free, guaranteed..

Control Tower Logistics

Asset-Based Services

Logistics Consulting

“At Quality Freight Logistics, we not only deliver an innovative solution designed around your unique supply chain, but we strategically execute that solution through world-class customer service and industry leading partnership and collaboration. We are raising the bar on your expectations. And we like it that way.”

— James Behen, Director of Operations